MIDI doesn't play back

Hi, I exported from Logic MIDI file and opened it in Dorico. Cannot find out, why Dorico doesn’t play it back? When I press play, a green line on a beginning just doesn’t move. Any ideas? Thank you in advance.

Please attach the project here.

Here it is. Thank you Daniel for your quick response.
Beethoven 3.dorico.zip (1.31 MB)
Beethoven 3.mid.zip (73.8 KB)

I’m able to import it and play it. Do you have the playback template set to Silence?

Dear Paul, thank you for your answer. I solved it.

  1. No, my playback template was not set to Silence. But what I discovered later- a little red triangle with an exclamation mark on a right lower side of the window. Dorico imported this file and changed a Sample rate from 44100 to 48000.That was probably a reason, why a green line didn’t move while pressing a play button.
  2. As I changed it to 44100 I could hear a sound while clicking single notes, any way Dorico was not able to play. A green line just doesn’t move. As I tried to change back to 48000, Dorico crashed.
  3. After I tried it 2 times more, I decided to restart my MacBook Pro. Now everything is functioning as expected.