MIDI doesn't respond to tempo track changes and is off grid

Hi all,

I’ve come across a problem which I’ve never encountered before.

I imported an old midi drum track from a previous project but it doesn’t seem to respond to tempo changes in track mode. Usually I can see the parts expand or contract when I change tempo but it doesn’t do anything and only the time bar (the line that shows you where you are in the song) moves.

I tried swinging to ‘Fixed’ tempo and that does work but I can’t change individual parts and besides all the notes are messed up and off their grid points and the parts don’t seem to lock to the grid either.

Sorry for such a noob question and it’s embarrassing as I’ve been using Cubase for nearly 20 years but I’ve never come across this issue before nor can I find an obvious way to sort it.

Thank you.

PS, I’m using Cubase 5.