MIDI Drag and Drop import in Cubase 6.03

Hi, everybody.
I use Toontrack Superior Drummer 2 on an instrument track and, since I uploaded Cubase 6.02 to .03, when I drag and drop a Superior groove into the selected Superior instrument track in Cubase, Cubase creates a new track, not allowing me to put the groove into the instrument track dedicated to the drums.
I tried to uncheck all the preferences in Midi import but I still have to choose the destination among Halion Sonic SE multi-timbric, MIDI track and Instrument track. Any choice I make is the wrong one because I can’t solve the problem. :blush:
Any suggestion?

Take a look at Midi Import Preferences…

I’ve already done it but I solved the problem.
I have to plug Superior Drums on a MIDI track (I used it on an instrument track, till now)
Anyway… thanks