MIDI drag and drop issues

When i drag a MIDI file from Stylus or the Media Bay, instead of going to the destination track that i intend, the file dops to the bottom of the main window, often with thee separate files.

In my preferences I have “MIDI track” as my import option destination.

Try turning off the “Auto dissolve Format 0” MIDI File preference.

Thanks for your input but unfortunately that did not work.

Check to make sure your Editing->Default Track Time Type preference is set to “Musical”. Then create a new track and try it again.

Thanks, that did the trick.

I wrote Stylus RMX, so I’m pretty familiar with all the things that can go wrong when trying to use it in Cubase :slight_smile:.

I do wonder if the need for the “musical” channel requirement for this function is intentional or a quirk.

I love Stylus RMX. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Glad you like it :slight_smile:.