Midi Drag & Drop in Cubase 7.5?

Hi all,
In Cubase 7 I was able to drag and drop single midi-files from Windows Explorer directly into Cubase.
Now it seems this is not possible in Cubase 7.5, or?
In Cubase 7.5 I have to import midi-files, which creates a new instrument-track, which in turn makes the whole import-midi-functionality a mess since it results in heaps of instrument tracks whenever I want to browse through my midi-files.

Is import the only option, no drag&drop? If so, do any of you guys have any good workflow in browsing midi-files in order to prevent a instrument-track-mess?


I just drag n drop them from Mediabay. Mediabay allows me to categorize and add my own custom tags the way I want. But, TBH ever since I discovered ‘MIDI Loops’ I rarely use MIDI files any more…

Thank you!

Drag and drop is not a Cubase problem but a windows issue: it’s because you run Cubase in admin mode.
Solution: in windows, you got to set the UAC ( User Account Control ) at the minimum level. this will have two effects: no more confirmation dialog box when you open Cubase and drag and drop from explorer possible again.

+1 for the UAC answer above.

I’m having no problems with drag & drop.
What I am finding though is that in my previous Cubase (4.5) whenever I dropped a midi file in, the track name became the name of the midi file. In 7.5, the midi part takes on the track name. This is a shame because I can’t always remember where I dropped the file in from.
I can’t find anything in prefs to change this either.

Anyway, you should be okay following the tips above so you can drag & drop midi files in.

In preferences, go to Edition (sorry I’m french, I’m not sure what you got for that in english) and detick “Parts get Track Name”.

Thank you - I’ll look for that

This doesn’t work in 7.5, ticked or unticked.
Whether I drag & drop to an existing midi track or import a midi file, it either takes on the name of the track or doesn’t, depending upon the preferences. What I want it to do is to retain it’s midi filename, which used to happen in 4.5. The same happens in 7.0
Thanks anyway.

ok, I see what you mean. Looks like a fail!!

I suppose the Steinberg answer will be to make use of the Notepad. :slight_smile: