Midi Dropouts

So I recently updated to 10.5 from 10 and am getting midi dropouts. Here’s what happens…

I’ll be playing in a midi part and randomly all of a sudden the note drops out even though I am still holding it down. I then hit retro-record to see if there is any CC data that could have a caused a dropout (such as a sudden volume dip) and it all looks normal. I play back the part and it sounds the full length of the note, no dropout.

This also happens sometime on midi parts that have already been recorded. Stuff that has been playing back for hours all of sudden drops out on playback and then is fine the next time.

I have never had this happen in CB10. Does anyone have any ideas?

Here are a few thoughts:

  • Look at the Track Inspector VU meters when the MIDI track is playing back. Are they staying active during the dropouts? If so, I’d suspect something in the audio conversion - possibly even just cables.

  • Open the List Editor and see if there are any unwanted CCs there.

  • Start a blank project, create new MIDI tracks, and then import just the MIDI data from the old project.

It would help if you were to describe your entire setup - sound interface, MIDI controller, Cubase configuration, polyphony…etc…

Hi Lee,

Thanks for the interest in my problem. To answer your questions, I’ve looked at the meters when this happens and they are representative of what I’m hearing. So I’ll hold down a note, it drops out (FYI other notes keep playing in my arrangement) I look at the meter and the meter has dropped as well.

When this happens upon hitting retrospective record I’ve then hit show all controllers and everything looks normal. No Sustain pedal weirdness or all notes off or weird volume jumps.

I can definitely try the blank project idea as you suggested and see if that works.

As for my setup, I’m running a 2013 Mac Pro 10.14.6, I use Vienna Ensemble Pro to host all of my VST’s which are 95% Kontakt instruments and then a few Real Guitar instruments. I’ve been running this template for years without these problems. I did recently switch on the VEP side to Kontakt 6 from Kontakt 5, however I ran that with CB10 for several weeks without issue. My midi controller is a launch control Xl and a M-Audio Keystation88, I’ve also had these for a long time.

Now that I think of it, I did recently add a MOTU microlite for Midi out, but there is no MIDI inputs plugged in. I could deactivate those inputs in the Cubase setup window and see if that helps as that’s an old piece of gear, maybe it has some issues.’

Oh and I’m using a MOTU 1248 which I’ve had for a long time as well.

Hi jcbfoos,

It sounds like everything is in order. I don’t know much about the MOTU microlite. Is it possible to remove it from the signal chain and try recording MIDI? At this point, I doubt there’s anything amiss with Cubase. I would start isolating all items in your signal chain and see if something stands out as the cause.

Sorry I couldn’t be more help.