Midi Drum editing Q

is there a way to select all midi notes that fall on or near a certain beat?

For example, I have imported tracks originally recorded on tape years ago that included and audio track from a drum machine. I then got cubase to sync in tempo with the original tracks, all good so far.

Now I want to replace the drum machine with new samples so I did the hit points to midi thing and got a midi track with notes that line up perfectly with the audio of the drum machine, still good.

The problem at this point is all of the generated midi notes on the new midi track are on the same note and I need to separate into kick, snare, etc. I can do this one by one but that will take forever.

Is there a way to select all notes that fall on a designated beat(or near because some are not exactly on beat) such as all notes on two and four? That would give me most snare hits, or all notes on beat 1 for kick, etc.

This would make it much easier to move them into their proper slot in the drum editor.

I used to be able to do this easily years ago with StudioVision but can’t find a way in Cubase.

Thanks, Stephen

I haven’t tried this, but I’m thinking the logical editor should be able to do this.

Use a filter of position inside bar range, and the function set to select. Let us know if it works.

Keep in mind that you can have more than one entry and or them. so you can set it up to select on beat 1 or beat 3. My guess is in that case you would have 3 entries.

inside bar range at the begininng of the bar.
inside bar range at the very end of the bar (to catch those beats that happen just a hair before beat 1)
inside bar range around beat 3.

I just played with it and I think it will do what you want it to.


Thanks a lot Ron, I’ll give it a try

It worked, thanks again. I never really got into creating presets on the logical editor before, now that I understand it better, i can see a lot of possibilities. A different way of thinking for me (I tend to be more on the abstract side, ha) as I learned midi editing on a different program years ago, but I can adapt.