Midi Drum Editor...??

Just new to Cubasis and having a great time with it…!!

Prob a stupid question, but is there a midi drum editor…?? I have found the piano roll for entering midi notes, but it would be really helpful if the drum names were able to be shown on the appropriate keys, is this possible…??


Hi peeps

Just been demoing Cubasis, and I too would like to know
where the Midi Drum Grid is - anyone shed any light on this?

there’s none. as a work around buy Beat-Machine and use its Midi out to drive a MiniSampler or Classic Machine.

Hi all,

Cubasis comes with a full featured MIDI editor, which has been drastically improved with the release of v2.1.
Please follow this link to check out the available tutorial that explains the new editor in full detail: https://youtu.be/H9urz7bCSaI
For now, the app does not feature a dedicated drum editor.


Hi Lars,

The midi editor is currently brilliant as you say. But when working with writing drums in the piano roll things get very tricky quite quickly.

Would love a drum midi editor with constant sized diamonds for event markers to be considered in feature updates.

Thanks again

Hi thechi,

Thanks for your message, great to hear you’re happy with the MIDI editor.
The drum editor feature request is on our list for future updates. At this moment we have no date, when the feature becomes available.


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