MIDI drums issue - Multiple issues combined to this topic


I have Cubase Artist 8 and I´ve used Midi drums to record drums for songs.

I have a Toontrack EzDrummer 2 that I´ve used as a plugin for major songs.

I have couple of issues with the recordings (I searched the forum and found out that quite many of these exist with other users and there was no solution):

  • I get weird ghost notes when recording MIDI. I couldn´t find a solution for this one from the forum. It´s rather annoying as You can´t remove all of those as they have just created a peak sound instead of actual note.
  • Mute goes on for a while when midi controller gives a certain command. For EzDrummer 2 it´s the snare rim shot command and closed hi-hat stick hit. For Groove Agent SE4 it´s the biggest tom and tom rim shots. The mute is on just for a while and it doesn´t effect to the actual recorded track but it´s quite annoying when You here a pause when monitoring the track as You play.

These problems exist only when using Cubase. EzDrummer has a stand alone playing possibility and it works just fine without any ghost signals or sudden mutes.

What´s different in Cubase so that it creates these mute pauses and causes those midi track peaks?

Ghost notes on every note? What trigger interface are you using?

The ghost notes appear sometimes and not on a purposed midi note. It´s a peak sound, a snap, that it creates. Those appear randomly and might be caused by the hihat pedal controller for some reason (this also causes mute to go on and off randomly for some reason).

I have a roland drum kit TD-6V with midi connected to UR242. UR242 is connected to USB3.0 port. As I mentioned before, there´s no problem with other softwares.

All I can suggest is to monitor the incoming midi data. If you think it maybe cc4 from the hat then unplug it to narrow it down. Sporadic notes may be low thresholds - Are they assigned notes?
I very much doubt it being a Cubase issue.

Adjust your triggering threshold on your e kit for the heads.
Quite possibly one of your heads is accidentally triggering another, cross talk vibrations or false triggers if you will. Your other DAWS may not be catching them. Worth a shot