midi DrumSampler v9

just want to share my new Project, i have been created…and i like it :smiley:

midi DrumSampler v9 (optimized for Halion Sonic SE/3)


  • 3x3 grid = 9 Sample Panels

  • only drag’n drop from the media bay in Cubase

  • you can select the key range for each Panel (C1 - B4)
    using it for generate fat Drums at one key or playing a Sample chromatic
    all Panels are predefined, Panel 9 for example is playing chromatic root C3

  • each Panel has its own EDIT field (Filter type, ADRS, Level, Pan, etc.)

  • you can use the built in AUX FX of Halion Sonic SE/3 with own sends for each Panel
    built in EFFECTS: e.g. REVerence, Multi Delay, EQ, Env. Shaper, and many more

  • in Halion Sonic SE/3 there is a Undo/Redo history - it works great!

  • most settings are automatable/ Learn CC

  • to replace a sample, only drag’n drop - previous settings applies

  • drag’n drop midi from sequencer and Play it with the C5 key

  • single screen Design

  • of Course, you can save your own Settings and samples in a Preset

Download Halion Sonic (SE) 3 Instrument:
midi DrumSampler v9: https://1drv.ms/u/s!ApjPJXyaHg56gbhbbAWFLYEN4_gQ-w


to open the midi DrumSampler v9, pls. select “layer filter” !

kind regards

P.S. looking forward to your comments

i’ve created a new One…: midi DrumSampler m9

like before, but now with multi Envelopes for AMP, Filter and Pitch
(use double click to add new mod. Points)



Kind regards

i like the idea with the drumpads showing the waveform
and you managed to get a very good single GUI layout
lots of changes on the GUI tree too
i would add a pitch for every pad since this is usefull when using recorded data and matching a sample on that
possible changes: on my system you need H6 to get it operational. It works fine in HSSE3, but the vstsound lacks initial samples so drag and drop freacks out on this. Once you load a sample on a pad it works fine so maybe just an empty sample can do the job. Cool integrated keyboard range by the way on the pad.
Will keep this on my computer.

Tx and kind regards,

Hi Roel,

thanks a lot for your valuable suggestions,
i’ve implemented a fine tune in the SubMenu
and modified some other points (switch for AUX FX, …)

kind regards

this is my “release” Version…
with some fine tunings in the Design



have fun,
kind regards

download link takes to a page that has NO downloads

new Downloadlink: https://1drv.ms/u/s!ApjPJXyaHg56gbhbbAWFLYEN4_gQ-w
Comments are welcome!

kind regards

Very impressive!

Pure genius. I noticed there isn’t a “Thanks” button anymore. But, THANKS!!!

This looks really cool. Any chance of a youtube demo?