MIDI echo??? Help needed

Hello my fellow Cubase users. I am having some midi loop back problem that is giving me double notes on a new hardware synthesizer I purchased. This particular synth does not have a lot of midi options, thus I cannot find any midi local off. I turned off the midi through on Cubase, but I’m still getting the double notes, thus freaking the synth out. Is there some other sort of midi echo that I can turn off? I haven’t found anything yet. Thank you for any advice you guys can give me.

No Cubase geniuses out there???

Local Off is important.
Yet another idea: Have a look at the midi ports in the Studio Settings dialogue window. I remember that in the past some users reported (I am not sure whether this was with cubase 10) that midi ports sometimes showed up twice. The double ones have to be corrected.

Good point! I wasn’t aware of that.

There’s a Midi-Monitor (MIDI Insert) that can inspect what is send. Maybe you can isolate the problem.

Do you have “all midi inputs” selected, or just your keyboard?

What is this special synth that has no Local off on it?

If you are on Windows there is the Emulated MIDI port thing you need to look at as was said

It is a Baloran The River synthesizer, and there are only less than 40 in the world as of today actually. For some reason the creator if it did not make a Local Off. D’oh!