Midi editing problem

I want to produce some long sustained midi notes. I record a few moments in a track the use the key editor to create the note lenght I want. The problem is when I play back the track the note stops producing sound at the point where the original recording ended. How can I get the playback to produce sound for the entire length of the edited midi note?



is the sound that you are triggering by the midi note percussive? Extending the note-length via midi only helps if the sound you trigger is not decaying earlier.

Cheers, Ernst

No it is not percussive. It’s a synth and normally has a long sustain and release.

Is it possible you’re having a “double note” … something like two copies of the same note recorded and now the second one (short) is hiding behind the long one and sending NOTE OFF message to your synth?

That is not the case. I’m just taking a previously recorded note and lengthening it using the key editor. I’m not making an extra note.

I didn’t say you are making an extra note. I suggested it may be possible Cubase has recorded 2 notes, when there should be one. This happens, when your MIDI driver shows 2 virtual MIDI ports to Cubase and you record MIDI while selected ‘All MIDI Inputs’ on your MIDI track.

Thank you! Thank you! Changing the track to a specific MIDI input did the trick. I don’t really understand the mechanics behide the cause of this problem, but now I can continue creating and stop pulling out my hair. Again, thanks for sticking with me and helping me with this issue.