Midi editing questions

This would be invaluable for those who spend a lot of time orchestrating.
On the Key Edit page I often need to hear what a selection of notes would sound like if played on a different instrument. All I would need to do is “select notes/change midi channel” while still in Key Edit.
But there is no function that can do this.
Can we have this please!?


Select notes and change Channel Number on Info Line

Create Logical Editor Presets to change the Channel Number and assign to a Keystroke if you anticipate repeated use.

Thanks. The first suggestion - change channel number on the info line - doesn’t work as there is no midi channel number on the info line. There is a channel number but it doesn’t seem to be a midi channel number. I already tried altering it.

The second suggestion would only work for one instrument change and it seems quite involved. It would be quicker to do what I have always done - delete the notes and put them back in under a different instrument. A toggle option would be great.

Nope, that is the MIDI channel number. You are probably overriding the note’s assigned channel number by having the Inspector’s Channel Number set to something other than “Any.”

I have no idea what you mean by “one instrument change.” Not really very involved. For someone already familiar with the Logical Editor it would literally take under 1 minute to set up and assign a Key to it. If it is the first time using the LE then of course there is an initial learning curve, but that only happens once. You can easily set it up so you hit one key & all the notes change to channel 1, another to channel 2, 3 and 4 or however many you want. This is functionally equivalent to a toggle.

There’s something I’m not doing right.
If you look at the pic. of the inspector, you can see that, according to general practices, I have allocated a midi number ( “10”) to the midi channel of the instrument “The Giant” in The Inspector on the project page. If I allocate “Any” then “The Giant” does not play.
inspector midi channel number.PNG
Now, if I open the Key editor for “The Giant”, you can see from the pic that the Info Line shows that the “Channel” number of the selected note of “The Giant” is “1”, not “10”. No matter how I change this number it always reverts back to “1” and the sound is never changed.

So something is not right. But I have to allocate midi channels in the inspector, don’t I? I can’t assign “Any” for all instruments. This is what some video’s have shown me.

When playing back, if in the Inspector the MIDI Channel is set to 4, then no matter what MIDI Channel is assigned to each Note those assignments will be converted to channel 4 when they are sent to the VSTi. But if the Inspector is set to “Any” then the notes will be sent to the VSTi using their original channel numbers.

You should be able to select notes in the Key Editor and edit their MIDI Channel numbers on the Info Line. The only reason I can think of where you couldn’t do this would be if the Track was Locked.

Yes, I should set the midi channel to Any. That’s what the manual says too.
But if I set the midi channel to “Any” in the Inspector then I only hear the instrument assigned to midi channel 1 in Kontakt.
-AND I lose my midi channel list if I set the inspector midi channels to “Any”!

Perhaps it’s not working for me because I have rack instruments (lots of instruments in one instance of my sampler, Kontakt), not separate track instruments?

I see two things here, John. One is that you do not read the manual entries to their ends. This causes a rupture in the space-time/comprehension continuum, rendering it impossible to fully render logic when needed for a given task.

The other is a need to learn basic MIDI terms. Maybe try this site I found in for an Internet search for MIDI basics Exlained: https://noterepeat.com/articles/how-to/213-midi-basics-common-terms-explained

A possible solution:
The Channel numbers in the Information Line of the Key Edit page do not show the current midi channels of instruments if those instruments have been added to a project that is an imported midi file. This is not a problem unless you want to change the Channel number in Key Edit.
If you want to change the Channel number in Key Edit then a possible work-around is to

  1. select “Any” for the instrument midi channels in the track inspector, then
  2. in the Key Edit select all notes of the instrument, then
  3. change the (midi) Channel number in the Key Edit Information line to the correct midi channel of the instrument.
    Whether this works for new recorded notes I have yet to see.

No, assigning “Any” does not work properly because all tracks on the project page now play the same instrument, while the Key edit page plays the correct instrument.

OK, I’m setting my tracks to Any. It partly works BUT now I have lost my Midi channel list as all instruments are listed as “Any”. Worst of all the tracks on the project page play the same instrument - the instrument assigned to midi channel 1. On the Key edit page they play correctly.
I am spending an inordinate amount of trying to solve this.

You’re trying to find a solution for a problem that doesn’t exist. You don’t understand what midi ports, midi channels, and input and output routing are. (not for lack of forum members trying to help you)

They are not supposed to. The info line show the channels of the notes. Whether they are imported or not has nothing to do with it.

Assigning “Any” works precisely as designed. It’s your notes that are assigned to channel 1, and all your tracks are assigned to the same output.

My Channel numbers do not show the midi channels of the notes nor any sort of channel. Colorizing notes by Channel sometimes gives different colours for the same instrument, and many instruments have the same Channel, not all. Assigning “Any” does not work.
I did not want to keep repeating that. It was’nt an opinion. It’s a fact. If it should be otherwise, no matter, it’s still a fact. But please leave it. I’m working it out for myself.


We look up to those with knowledge and the prestige of running the place, and should be, and are, I assure you, grateful even for cryptic-teaser solutions - even if through our own laziness and incompetence we don’t deserve them.
Those who’ve been following and want the opinion of another plebian like myself about how to show a midi channel list on the Project page for INSTRUMENTS, fret not, I have a work-around that’s cumbersome but gloriously simple … type the midi channel number into the instrument name! Why didn’t I see it before! And to show the midi channel list for MIDI instrument tracks, simply expand the view of the midi instrument details. But I know my place. I back away, cap in hand.