MIDI editing specific notes/events

There is probably an easy and obvious answer to this, but it eludes me sadly
If say i am editing a Midi drum part in the Midi note editor (i don’t tend to use the drum editor) and on a beat there is a kick drum and a hi hat (on the volume channel below, both are overlaid) …and i just want to increase the volume level on the kick…i highlight the kick note in the editor and use the pencil tool to drag the volume up (on volume channel displayed below notes)
But…atm…if i highlight the kick, it more often than not selects/alters the hi hat note volume instead
Is there a setting which forces the tool to only impact the note being manually highlighted?


Do you mean the Score Editor?

Do you mean a controller lane of the Key Editor? Sorry, I’m really confused, about what you are doing…

Once you have the wanted MIDI Notes selected, use the Info Line to change the Velocity of the selected MIDI Notes at once, please.

  1. Not SCORE, KEY Editor (Sorry)
  2. Yes, VOLUME Controller lane
  3. Yes I could edit a value in the Info Line but if I am hopping along a line and want to adjust, it seemed that the pencil tool might be more immediate?


But then you have to be precise, where do you click. And if 2 notes start at the same position, you might easily click the wrong one (either the lauder or the one with higher pitch).

Yep, but I in the Key Editor I see the Coloured Pitches for each
I guess what I am asking is:
Having selected/highlighted a note in the Key Editor (e.g C1 for a Kick drum)…when I go to the Controller lane and use the Pencil tool to up/down value/volume it ONLY impacts the note highlighted above in the Key Editor

If you are editing MIDI CC #7 (Volume) in the Key Editor’s Controller lane the Both sounds will be affected. That CC typically controls the output volume of the instrument.
What you want to do instead is change the Velocity of each individual notes. Try selecting the note in the Key Editor and change the Velocity value from the Info Bar as Martin suggested above.

As an alternative you can Shift+Control+Drag up & down on a Note to modify its Velocity.

Also you might find it easier to see what’s happening if you change the Key Editor’s Note coloring from the default Velocity to Pitch which will display the notes using different colors based on the Pitch.

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Yes i already have it set to colour by pitch