Midi Editing

Hi all, is it possible to edit the volume of a single midi note in the editor? i have searched online but cant find any vid or instruction, i have some instrument midi sounds that are louder than others and want to reduce the volume, i tried the velocity but this didnt work, any advice please?
thank you


Of course you can. You can do so by many different ways.

The most common is to open the Controller line of the editor. The default Value is Volume, which is Note On Volume. You can also Show the Info View and edit the Volume here. If you click to the MIDI Note with holding Ctrl/Cmd and move your mouse cursor up/down, you can adjust the Volume this way.

In the List editor, there is dedicated column (Value 1), which is Volume in the case of MIDI Notes. The most right column (right from the Timeline) also displays the Volume in case of MIDI Notes in the List editor.

Open > Key Editor

  1. it would show all the midi notes and at the bottom is the controller display. (By default, it should show the “Velocity” Bars.)
  2. Select the specific note you want to change
  3. Move the “Velocity” bar up or down and that would change the note’s velocity (volume)


  1. Select the specific note and change the number (0-127) in the “Velocity” Box in the Info Line.

hope this helps… Cheers!!!

Thx martin i’m not sure what the control line is :frowning:
if i click the midi mote and hold crtl it moves the midi note up/down the scale :frowning:
again not sure where the list editor is :frowning:

Thx Keys,
the only thing that happens when i decrease the velocity bar is the note goes off, there is no volume adjustment to it :frowning:
not sure what the info line is :frowning:

(I believe Martin is referring to Velocity rather than Volume. Probably a language difference there…)

Sounds like the VST instrument you are using doesn’t understand the Velocity parameter.

You should right-click next to the controller lane, (where you see the velocity bars) and open a different CC parameter to fin one that works with your instrument.

If you can spend some time with the operation manual you will avoid missing out a many, many features that have evolved over several decades of MIDI composition.


Bottom here is the controller line, with the Velocity parameters.

I’m sorry, it’s Ctrl+Shift.

Use MIDI menu > Open List Editor.

Oh, sorry. For the Volume, use MIDI Controller (in the Controller line) 7 (Volume) or 10 (Expression).

i’m in the list editor but changing values to the right of the screen is not affecting the volume,

use MIDI Controller (in the Controller line) 7 (Volume) ??

yes i see it’s set to volume 7

again when selecting main parameter cc7 and holding ctr/shift it does not change the volume

Hi, to open the Info Line:

  1. Open up the Key Editor (double click on the MIDI track)
  2. On the top left-hand corner, just under the Cubase logo, the very 1st icon. Click on it.
  3. The screen should dim and a dialogue box will open at the same corner.
  4. Tick the Info Line Box. (A thick BLACK line will shift everything else down)
  5. Select the note you want to change. (The info line is blank if nothing is selected.)
  6. After selecting at least one note, a lot of information will appear.
  7. Change the value in the VELOCITY box. (0-127)

hope this helps… cheers!!!

KeyCommand: Shift+F2

Isn’t the OP trying to insert/edit CC7?

If so, position the mouse over the MIDI controller 7 lane you opened, hold down the alt key and click. This will create a new controller node. Select it and you will see its value in the info line.

If your VST responds to Volume commands (would be very rare if it didn’t) you will be able to change its output volume. (not the individual note)

thx keyzs, but once again like i say, the velocity adjustments do no alter the volume :frowning:

MIDI controller 7 lane you opened ???

let me emphasise again, the velocity adjustments no matter which way i try them, and i have tried three seperate ways, do not, repeat do not adjust the volume, why is such an easy task so difficult to fathom? i am using the Impact LX49

Thx Steve, the vst and controller respond to overall volume not individual midi notes it also controls the mixer but this is not what i am trying to do :frowning:

Yikes… :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

i’m probably at my wits end with this one. i made a midi file consisting of 4 sets of midi notes. Just add an instrument in. Try it and see what is working what is not. http://keyzs.zapto.org/dl/test.zip They are:

  1. Velocity changes (0 - 127)
  2. CC7 MIDI Main Volume (0 - 127)
  3. CC11 MIDI Expression (0 -127)
  4. Mixer Fader (inf - 0)

Also thanks to Steve and Martin for the other methods to work within Cubase.

Especially the Alt+Click to add nodes. I have always Right-Click > PEN tool

:smiley: Many thanks guys :smiley:

Since Cubase 8.5 you can also just double-click to Add a new Note. Hold the 2nd click down, then you can set the lenght and the Volume of the Note. :wink: