Midi Editor and editing notes needs a LOT of work.

writing midi notes in the midi editor is borderline impossible… I would suggest focusing on this area first! as it needs a lot of work in my opinion.

I know it’s a 1.0 product, i just hope it gets rapidly updated

Actually, let me be more specific

  1. with a midi part open, I think there needs to be a movement lock button it’s too easy to move scroll around the window accidently when you are trying to select a midi note.

  2. selecting individual midi notes is incredibly difficult, perhaps you could put some code in to auto select the nearest note when you click close to a note

  3. it should be made easier to add a note and resize the note with the same tool, at the moment, if you add a note then try to resize that note, it adds another note

the key requirements for midi editing = being able to add notes quickly, being able to select notes quickly and being able to move notes quickly, having to go back to the menu bar in it’s current form is quite slow.

slow = frustration!
frustration = easier to just wait till you are home.

Cubasis has a LOT of potential!

Good suggestions. I agree there needs to be quite some work done with the midi editor. In the meantime though, have you noticed there’s a handle at the top left of the MIDI editor window? (I missed it the first 10 times) If you drag that up to the toolbars and then zoom in with two fingers, it gets much easier to select notes and work with them.

hey, yep thanks for that but yes I noticed that…

also did you know you can zoom in and out of the track names to make all the track heights smaller… took me a day to notice that !

I agree editing notes in the editor is a pain, lots of work needed in this ave.

There should be kicker buttons on the top of the midi editor. And an additional tool to adjust the length of a Midi note.
I know it sucks always to refer to BeatMaker 2. But it’s easy to work with it there and it works exactly that way.
When you touch a MIDI-note you get a kicker and a tool to adjust the length.

I agree the piano roll could be improved but would prefer to see note editing remain touch based rather than using kicker tools or grab handles. As mentioned Beatmaker and Nanostudio use them and it seems unintuitive to have notes on screen but touch elsewhere to move them.

A touch screen interface should focus on touching the elements you want to move rather than touching a separate button to move it, this draws your attention away from the job in hand as you are constantly looking for separate buttons away from the item you actually want to move.

Garageband for ipad midi note editor works much better in that if you want to move a note, you tap on it and move it, if you want to resize just hold the note till it changes to “resize mode” and drag, simple. A long tap is the iPad equivalent of a Windows “Right Click” and is the simplest way to alternate edit modes.

Having said that , I know the full cubase has kicker buttons so i wouldn’t object to both methods being implimented but please keep / improve the touch note editing as this is the main reason I don’t use Beatmaker or GarageBand which are otherwise excellent apps. It drives me crazy when I try to move a note in those apps and it just sits there !

As far as I’m concerned apple have got note manipulation spot on in GarageBand , I hope you can get some ideas from there :slight_smile:



Another thing the ipad GB editor does well is selecting a range of notes vs scrolling. If you want to scroll you just swipe a blank part of the background

If you want to select a range of notes you long tap until the selection box appears and then drag to select a set of notes. Much easier than having separate Selection / Drawing / Scrolling tools.

The other improvement I would request is to add inertia to scrolling and zooming in the Piano Roll (it doesn’t feel right for the windows to stop dead after you swipe, much better to gradually slow to a halt and also allows to scrub / scroll faster or slower depending on how fast you swipe)

Apart from that , congratulations on a good product. There are things which could be improved but over all it “Feels Right” and most things work as expected. Pretty good. For a version 1.0 !