MIDI Editor display issue in Cubase Artist 11


I’m starting to have this issue in Cubase Artist 11 where the CC editor section of the MIDI editor for editing velocity, modulation, etc wont display the full range of the field, the lower 20% or so is just cut off. Expanding/shrinking the size of the field makes no difference to this part that wont show, nor does changing to a different CC, selecting a different MIDI file, closing and opening the MIDI editor or even the whole project, I cant seem to find any mention of anyone having a similar issue anywhere, I can’t seem to find any settings within cubase that could affect this either. It seems to happen rather indiscriminately in at least one or two projects lately and at certain points the fault disappears for a while then inexplicably comes back for days before disappearing again, then coming back when I open a MIDI file in the editor, seemingly without any obvious cause.

It seems like a basic display bug which i’ve had a couple of (low level, like the visual of the select field appearing in a different part of the window to where my pointer is, but still selecting what i’ve covered with my mouse, that kind of stuff) but this is entirely preventing me from being able to edit my CC information for this project and holding up my progress entirely.

Can anyone help…?

Thanks in advance,


Hi and welcome on the forum,

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?