MIDI editors in Layers


Thank you for these giant steps you took during the last weeks!

I’m wondering what is missing or what I am missing to have a Yamaha MOXF Editor VST working in a VL Layer. This is the tool I’m talking about:

The plugin is unable to communicate with my MOXF8, and that’s so annoying.

When I configure my MOXF8 for a Midi song in Cubase using this MOXF Editor plugin, all the configuration is automatically saved with the .cpr file. After a transfer to VST Live, via .vlsprj or .mid, there’s no way to retrieve the MOXF configuration.

Maybe there should be a way to export a song from Cubase with all the hardware or VST synths configuration embedded, but in the meantime, having MIDI editors VST working in Layers would be absolutely great!

Have a nice week.

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Plugin loads fine here, but have no MOXF8…
Configuration may be saved somewhere else, if the plug does something different.
VST Live asks a plugin for its data when saving, and loads those data and presents it to the plugin when loading and activating. A plugin is a blackbox, the hosting app does not know what the plugin stores or what it does with those data bytes.

I see…
When trying to configure the Plugin to communicate with the MOXF, this error is displayed :

I tried to create MIDI ports named “MOXF6/MOXF8” in the connection panel of VL but it didn’t help…

In the plugin configuration, I can only choose between “Not assigned” and “! MOXF6/MOXF8”.


And when “Detail” is ON, the page looks like this:


The Plugin works perfectly in Cubase and in Standalone mode. Do you think I’m doing something wrong?

It says „Port Open Error“ which to me indicates that the port is beeing used elsewhere. Could it be that you have defined a port also in the Connections/MIDI settings which is supposed to be used with the plugin only? Not knowing system, connections, and settings, it may not be possible to share those ports.

No, I started with a new project with no MOXF Midi Ports assigned in the VST Live Connexion screen, just one empty song and no tracks.

Maybe Layers are just not supposed to receive such Plugins. Their Audio Out is not relevant in the case of a synth Editor that doesn’t produce any sound but still needs a Midi In and Midi Out to sync the connected device.

It is probably the same obstacle that prevent us from using an Audio to Midi plugin as an insert on a Stack.

If I’ve read well, I understood that you’re working on this feature and this is just a matter of patience. I can wait!

HI @Jihem,

we improved the situation for MIDI Ports on Windows. Could you please re-try your workflow with the next Pre-Release (Friday, Tomorrow).

… yes, that is coming next. Remind me, please. Which Plug-In would you like to use?

Thank you

Thank you Michael!
I will give a try to the upcoming version next monday (weekends are pretty busy).
Apart from sound modules MIDI editors, I wish to be able to use Audio to MIDI converters like this one from jamorigin.com.
I’m also looking for a plugin that would act as a Cubase Drum Map, to modify individual notes on the fly. I don’t know if such a tool exists…
Have a good evening.

[Edit] NoteMapper could be what I need, I will test it.