Midi Effects or Midi Octaver

I’m exploring VST Live for my next gig and struggle with one requirement.
I need “midi octaver” - for example, when I press C3, I want my layer to play C3+C4+C5.
In Cubase I did it by using midi transformer and simply adding notes above or below.
I need to do the same in VST Live. I thought I can use third party midi plugins. However, VST live Doesn’t see any Midi plugins.
I still can do what I need in VST live, but in this case i need to create multiple layers, with non-shared instruments and add “octave shift” on certain ones. This is just more CPU consuming.

Any ideas?

We don’t have MIDI inserts yet, but are working on it.
Right, just take 3 Layers. As for CPU consumption no, you can use a Shared Instrument, so have Layers 2 and 3 point to Shared/Part1_Layer1 or the like, and set ocatves as desired. Then you only use one Instrument instance, but feed it from 3 Layers.

Thank you!