MIDI Effects

Why has the team ceased to develop midi effects? It seems like 20 years since I have seen any major improvements to your midi effects. Does someone in charge hate midi? Bring back the phrase synthesizer! It was ahead of its time. Yes it crashed my computer but it was innovative. We can do so much better now. It is possible to have effects that are both midi and audio not one or the other. Creativity guys!


In the latest Cubase 12 the Logical Editor and Transformer (one of the most powerful MIDI effect) has been updated significantly.

Indeed. The thing with MIDI FX is that there’s just not a whole lot that can be done to innovate here. Almost everything that could have been a MIDI plugin in the past few years was simply made into a part of Cubase’s Key Editor or Chord Track instead. Third party plugins are mostly the same as the ones included with Cubase.

Even the Interactive Phrase Synthesizer was basically just “what if Arpache SX and Transformer had a weird baby”.

To me, Cubase is only missing a MIDI CC/pitchbend envelope plugin and a way to bind Transformer functions to an interface with knobs and buttons as a basic form of real time scripting. Of course, some of the current MIDI plugins such as the Beat Designer and StepDesigner could seriously use an UI overhaul, but I think that’s inevitable.