Midi Event Editing Question

Hoping someone can help me here as I am new to Cubase.

Is there a way to adjust/reconfigure the amount an event moves when dragging it during editing?

For example, I have a bass line I like but would like to adjust one note back 1/32nd or 1/16th? Currently when dragging an event it seems to be moving at unusual amounts. I do have it configured for midi editing and am quantizing but am looking for an easy way to edit the individual events when need be.

Also, is it possible to add more vertical grid lines? I am talking about when I double click a track and a page opens displaying a keyboard on the left and then the events of the track.

One word… Snap

There are 3 different vertical lines in the key editor, each with a different brightness. Go to preferences and increase their visibility a bit, I found them hard to see as well at default settings. Adding more is not possible afaik, unless you double the tempo :slight_smile:

edit, No I’m wrong, if you change your quantise value you get to see more vertical lines.

Thanks for the brightness tip but I’m really having difficulty getting my head around being able to use the snap function (and I have been reading the manual).
Is what you’re saying that I am currently editing midi events incorrectly by trying to drag them into the correct place?

The Grid Relative function in Snap!
I’ll try that out tonight.

Yes exactly!
Your avatar fitted that post rather well :sunglasses: