Midi event length changed and notes disappear

I am recording cymbals with mics and drum midi simultaneously and when editing i have noticed that when i shorten a midi event and then re-extend it, like i do regularly with regular drum audio editing, the notes in the re-extended event section are gone.

Is there a setting i can change? And/or a way to get those notes back?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

If you resize the MIDI Part, this is called non-destructive cut. So you should see the MIDI Notes after. If you cut the MIDI Part by using Split tool, this is called destructive cut and you won’t see the MIDI Notes after.

Hi and thanks for getting back to me!

Okay, I guess i found out that the hard way - the take is lost. To be sure, there is no other way of splitting midi events so they can be manipulated in the same manner audio events are for, in this case, drum editing? I’m normally good about using the version control for fallback but missed it on one of the takes.


Sorry, there is no other way to split the MIDI Part non-destructive way.

That’s a shame. Thanks again!