MIDI events as shortcuts

Hello, is it possible to assign MIDI events to commands in Cubase?

What I’d like to do is, while doing a step entry in Piano Roll window, to move cursor forward without entering a note. It would be convenient to press a drum pad on my MIDI controller, for instance, sending a MIDI note (a low one, which isn’t used anyway) which in interpreted as a command.

Actually I can do this anyway right now – if I press this drum pad, it enters a note, and the cursor moves forward one step, but every time I press the pad there’s a distracting off-key sound, and I’ll have to erase those notes after every step entry. Maybe there’s more ecological way to do this?

The Left/Right Arrow keys on the computer keyboard can be used to navigate the Step Input cursor.

Yes, I know that, but using MIDI controller instead of computer keyboard would be much more convenient.

Ok then, so you can create a Generic Remote (Device Setup in the Devices menu), assign some MIDI message to either a Macro that commands a Navigate/Right, or directly to the command Navigate/Right itself.