MIDI Events present, but no Audio output

This is a very strange problem. I have used Groove Agent 4 to route the pattern onto an instrument track. The recording was successful and there’s a MIDI part on the matching instrument.

During Recording : No audio output.
Although I can listen when I send MIDI events (via mouse and keyboard) and listen to it from GA4 -> myVSTi

After Recording : No audio output.
Strangely the MIDI events don’t produce any sound when I play. Made sure that only the keys that sound have MIDI events. They do. I created a MIDI part with a pencil and randomly put some events and this part plays, not the one recorded :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Any ideas ?

Why do you want to record that pattern, it’s MIDI.
You just need to create your instrument track, drag and drop the pattern in front of VST track which will be shown as a MIDI clip and map the same notes here.

Salam !

Yes indeed, I would like to record MIDI and wanted to give a test run by playing same pattern on the fly onto a different VSTi, just preferring a real time scenario as opposed to copy paste a pattern.

Sounds like, there’s some problem with the VSTi I am using. It is working like a charm now.