MIDI export creates .midi instead of .mid

Since Cubase 10 Version 10.00 this has been the case. It exports midi files with a 4 character .midi extension which is not readable by most other software on input (Sibelius for instance).


As far as I know, it’s like this since ever on Mac. It’s a valid format, which should be readable. You can rename it manually, if some application doesn’t read it.

Sibelius 8.5 doesnt read it. I cant confirm but I’ve been going between Cubase and Sibelius a lot over the years and dont recall this issue on a previous Cubase version on Mac. I use PC mostly though.

Can’t you just delete the extra ‘i’ when exporting it when it asks you to name the final determine the destination? Not trying to be snarky, I’m genuinely curious. I’m at work right now and can’t confirm.


Yes, you can. At the other hand from user point of view I understand it’s not really comfortable.

Nope… on a file dialog you can’t modify the file extension. All you can do is go to finder after you’ve done it and manually force it from .midi to .mid

I hadnt noticed this issue before C10 but I’ve uninstalled C9.5 from my Macbook so cant go back. I use PC in studio but Macbook at home for Sibelius work a lot and very frequently export quantised midi from Cubase to go to Sibelius - such is my workflow. Anyone else have C9 or 9.5 on OSX?


Yes, in the Export dialog, you can change the suffix. See attached screenshot, please.

Ok sorry I stand corrected on the OSX dialog. On PC you can’t change it (working on PC right now).