MIDI export individual parts

I can’t find any information in manual and here about MIDI export. How is it works, when I want to export individual parts from the big score? Is it a way to do it?
And if yes, is it a way to export individual divisi parts or percussion instruments from the particular percussion kit?

Hey, Del_Gesu,

that I’ve noticed, there is no way to export a single layout (as of now). (You could take advantage of the current bug, where only players attached to the main full score layout will be exported, but that’s quite silly and it’ll be fixed in the next update, iirc). MIDI export yields a multi-track MIDI file, with each track being a different instrument, meaning each lane you see in Play mode will have its own track — meaning percussion kits will be split by instrument, I believe. No way to split divisi: it’s the same MIDI stream, just written on more than one staff.

You can easily isolate each track in a DAW.

Thank You for advice. Another solution, which came to my mind:
– click “export flows…”
– click “export layouts as separate files”
– choose the instrument you want
– clik “ok”
– open new created project
– export midi file

Dorico currently exports the topmost layout, so a fairly simple workaround is to create a custom layout with the desired instrument and drag it to the top. I also seem to remember this was said to be changed in the future, but it works for the time being.