Midi export of a particular track - how to do.

Hi all - picked up v 1.8.1 recently.

I have a project with 1 audio file and two separate midi tracks (viewed top to bottom in the project view). I am attempting to export the first midi track out so that I can open it in Notion, but only the second midi track (at the bottom) will export. I have highlighted the first midi track, have muted the second, but still only the second (bottom) track will export

How to do it?


Hello - From my MIDI export experience with Cubasis, you can only export all midi tracks into 1 single midi file. That 1 midi file will have have all the midi tracks and midi data from your project. I don’t think you can export 1 single MIDI track to unless your project has only 1 midi track. Hope this helps! -Fled

Try this. Make a duplicate of your Cubasis project. Open the duplicate and delete everything other than the single track that you want. Now make your MIDI file.


I am making progress and have a suspicion…

To make things are generally working right, I was able to do a midi mix down of the demo “Lucky Seven” and open in Notion. All 3 midi tracks exported fine so confirming that Cubasis and Notion work fully in this area.

In my original project with the troubling midi issues, I am now suspicious that my desired midi track to export must have some midi file structure problem with it, that is causing Notion failure to open. I do remember moving and gluing another midi event onto the end of my desired midi track before exporting to Notion. This glued track still plays fine in Cubasis but won’t open in Notion, so I think my “glue job” mucked the structure of the resultant midi file.

I’ll have to play around more with the earlier project versions.