MIDI Export Question

I’ve recently started working with a MIDI Drum Kit in my Studio. I hire drummers to help me “program performances” for a more REAL FEEL. Then I edit the performances (eliminate mistakes, tighten timing, etc.), dissolve the parts and print the lanes into audio tracks like a real drum kit.

I was exporting the files to place on an external disk and noticed some inconsistent behavior that I wanted to ask about.

Bulk Export:
I exported all 11 lanes at once expecting 11 titles to show up in my folder. I only got the one with an 11 titles label.

Individual Export of Lanes:

  1. I exported all 11 lanes, one at a time, and got 11 individual titles. But when I turned the lanes into 11 MIDI tracks to re-title them as individual drums, the exporting of those files showed odd behavior.
  2. I exported the lane with the KICK track. But when it exported, the countdown window showed it exporting the other 10 tracks. When the folder opened, it only showed one file titled KICK DRUM. This happened on every one of the lane exports.

Individual Export of MIDI Tracks: (After the lanes were turned into separate MIDI Tracks & grouped into a new folder)

  1. Sometimes the export folder would stay open during the export process. Sometimes it would close during the export process. Sometimes it would close during export process and reopen at the finish to show me the file. I don’t understand why the exporting of THOSE TRACKS was so inconsistent.

Can anyone explain if this is normal or why there’s a difference between the lane exports and the MIDI track exports?

2ND QUESTION: Is there any way to get the MIDI files to render to a Mono channel? :question: