Midi export seems impossible with Cubase 12


I solo a midi track. It’s the only midi track that is on solo now, everything else is muted:

File->Export->Midi File

I close the project and import the file as a new project. File → Import → Midi-File. What comes out looks like this:

How can I export a single midi track to a midi file. No, I do not want to export any other midi tracks and I also do not want to include any other midi notes from muted other midi tracks into the tracks that are exported into the midi file. I just want to export a single midi track to a midi file.

Is this possible in Cubase? If so, how?
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How is the export setup, please?

what do you mean? I have numerous midi tracks in a project and I want to export only 1 single midi track. As simple as that


There is the Export settings dialog. How does it look like?

Set the locators around the part(s) you want to export
Hit the solo button on the track you want to export, then go to:
menu > file > export > MIDI file

If the midi track is a single event (like in your screenshot) the fastest way (that I know of) is to drag and drop the event to your computer desktop (or to folder in your finder/explorer).

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As I already wrote, this does not work. It always exports numerous other midi tracks (that are muted) when I export one soloed midi track to the exported file. You can see in my first post what happens if I export 1 soloed midi track. It exports a lot of other stuff that is muted.

Is it really impossible to export midi files with Cubase 12? Hard to believe.


thanks, this is how it looks.

If I remove the Type 0 mark there, it splits it into different tracks but exports everything anyway even only 3 or 4 tracks are soloed.

These are my preferences in Edit - Preferences.

Just change Destination to Midi Track and you will just get a Midi Track with the midi notes when importing.

thank you very much. If I try this, I get the following. It’s like Cubase is a beginner program for the guys who can not afford a real DAW. It’s ridicolous. I soloed 1 midi track. When I import the midi file, I get the following.

Unbelievable. This is German quality? …

Ok. First picture at the top that you posted you have a midi channel marked but the midi channel under is using the same midi channel nr 2. So if you export those 2 you will get midi from both but on different midi tracks when you import.

Midi Merge in Loop is your friend here.

See link below how to set it up.

@bestel1 Although the drag and drop in Windows works for me now, I remember a while ago the drag and drop only worked if Cubase was started at an Administrator level for some reason.

I cannot reproduce this problem in Cubase Pro 12.0.40 on PC.

Hi @Johnny_Moneto,

We have 12.0.50 available, don’t we?

Yes but none of the issues I care about have been addressed. So I have no incentive to update.


At the other hand, if this was really an issue, this could be addressed in C12.0.50.

problem is the same with different 12 builts. Right now I am at 12.0.50.

@Kubbe thank you but I do not want to merge nor split any midi. I just want to solo 3 or 4 midi tracks and only export these tracks into a new midi file.

Somehow unbelievable. How is it possible that I can’t do this here and you can ???

On Cubase 12 drop of container on windows desktop make that, the nameof file is the name of container

Well, since I only use 12.0.40 I am not really qualified to say this for 12.0.51 but:
Drag’n’drop onto the desktop doesn’t work for me on PC. Maybe it is a Mac only feature.