Midi Expression, Dynamics and Vibrato in Dorico export file

When I import my Dorico midi file in Logic, all the dynamic changes that I did in the Dorico score is represented as CC11. Does this mean that I have to porgram my VST’s in Logic so that dynamics layers and vibrato intensity is controlled by CC11? Or is there faster way to do this?

It depends what you want to play back with in Logic, I guess. If you want to use the same VST instruments in Logic that you use in Dorico, then presumably these CC changes will have the same effect in Logic, because they’re driving the same instruments. If you want to export a more minimal MIDI file that doesn’t include any MIDI CC values etc., you can save your project under a new name, then remove all automation via the Play > Automation submenu, then export your MIDI file, and discard the modified Dorico project at that stage.

I use Noteperformer in Dorico. In Logic I use Cinebrass, Cinematic Studio Strings, Berlin Woodwinds, True Strike (ProjectSam) and several others. For instance when I put a midi track from Dorico on a Cinematic Studio Strings track in Logic, CC1 is not affected at all. I had to change the setting in the VST, so that dynamics now are controlled by CC11. But that means that my modwheel no longer will react in CSS. I would absolutely like to use CSS directly in Dorico, but due to the legato delay, it is too time consuming to move the midi events in the Play window during the composing process. To delete the automation before I export, will imply double work, and I hoped to avoid doing that.

Right, if you’re using NotePerformer then presumably you’re not adding any MIDI CC data of your own. In that case, your best bet is to apply the HSSE (SE) playback template before you export your MIDI file. (I’d still recommend doing this on a copy of your project, in case you lose any adjustments you’ve made, e.g. in the NotePerformer mixer.)

I did so, and the result was fewer control changes and still no CC11. I also find the expression curve strange. The crescendo-decrescendo in the score resulted in a very choppy curve as you can see from the attached screenshot.