midi fader function

I have a dissolved midi drum track where I send each drum/track (essentially one note each) via midi out to my Alesis SR-16. At the mix console, they obviously show up as individual channels, but the faders make no audible changes. They move from 0-127 and the meter bridge adjusts accordingly - but the result is only visual. (a similar dissolved midi send to Superior Drummer does the same).

I’m trying to figure out if this is a C7 thing, or if I’m trying to achieve something that midi doesn’t do. When I send multiple midi tracks (on different midi channels) through Halion, they function perfectly as individual tracks at the MC.

(My theory) - Is this because the SR-16 (and Superior Drummer) essentially are a single midi sound source and the MC is subsequently trying to change note volume, whereas Halion acts as 16 individual sound sources (split in to midi channels) that can be controlled by the MC? Eg, the MC can control the master volume of a single midi channel, but not an individual note within a channel (even though the MC acts like can).

So my question - is my theory correct, or is there a C7 setting somewhere that makes the above work as I’d like?

Hi, you have to be Aware what the midi fader does: It sends midi channel volume control Messages (CC7). So your theory is correct. If the target Instrument reacts on cc7 it will do that on a per channel base. So if you have more than one midi channel in cubase using the same target channel number, you will always control the same Parameter on the target device on ALL These channels.

A solution would be to use different midi channels for different midi tracks. But of course this would have to be supported by the target Instrument as well.

Cheers, Ernst

Thanks heaps!

Glad I was on the right track. I don’t think the SR-16 responds to channel control messages anyway - we’ll, I couldn’t figure it out if it does. It can receive PC messages to change between the various kits, but that’s it. Heck, the manual for the SR-16 has 3-4 pages on how to backup data to a cassette, so it’s not exactly state-of-the-art equipment anymore!

BUT, there is a back-door sort of way to achieve my original goal - you can use a midi modifier and manipulate the Velocity Shift value. If I could only assign that to the fader in the MC then it would essentially work as an individually mixed channel.