Midi faders

I have a symphony composed in Finale using the Aria player with Garrison Orchestral instruments. I’ve exported it as midi into separate tracks and imported it into Cubase and loaded the VST Aria. The playback is great with all the instruments working as I had them in Finale. I want to adjust the volume with the faders in Cubase but when I bring up the mixer I see all the instruments and the levels changing in the faders but all the faders are set to “OFF”. I’m confused at this point because adjusting the faders doesn’t seem to have any effect. Is there something I have to set up so that the midi faders will respond?

You should adjust the volume via the VST Instrument Channel associated with the MIDI channel.

When I bring up the VST instrument faders and Cubase faders the VST faders are set correctely and the Cubase faders are set of “OFF”. When I move the Cubase faders I see the VST faders respond so I know there is a connection there. Also the Cubase Pan in the faders shows “OFF”, but when I move the pan in the Cubase faders they also respond in the VST instrument Pan. My question is, is there a way to have the Cubase faders respond to the VST faders when I open the Cubase mixer without having to click and mover the Cubase faders on each channel to have them respond at the outset?

In the cubase mixer, for every VST instrument you get a VST fader. For every midi track you also get a fader. The faders you describe as ‘off’ are probably the midi track faders. You shouldn’t touch them, I usually hide all midi faders unless I specifically need to make a change there. Usually, the midi fader controls the volume knob on a VST, while the VST fader controls the actual signal. The VST faders in the mixer are the ones that you want to automate and mix with.

Thanks very much for the info…