Midi File Help

Please note i am a complete NOOB to Cubase.

My main aim is to import midi songs and adapt them, specifically the drums, as I can record the rest myself.

I import the midi song into cubase and it appears through Halion. however I wish to manipulate the drum sounds, the current (and first) file I am working on puts the kit through Stereo Drum mit GM 129, I load up a more appropriate sounding kit usually the rock kit GM 134, adjust the bass drum sound but when adjusting another part of the kit, the amended part goes back to the original (GM 129) kit. This is very frustrating.I have tried to save during the process but am at a loss.

any advice would be most grateful.


Check there isn’t a program change command on the track: Ctrl L for List Edit, and look for a program change of 129 (in the data 1 column). If you see one, change it to 134.