Midi File Import from GoogleDrive into Cubasis

Hi all,

I’m new in the apple world and I bought an Ipad Pro for my live gigs with setlist maker and so on. Now I will do the next step and bought Cubasis. I have some existing midi standard files (.mid) with two tracks (Bass & Drums) and I would like to import these files into Cubasis from my googledrive account, but I found the import button, but I can’t choose the visibible files. Any idea ?

Best regards

Hi Kithom,

Glad you joined us and thanks for purchasing Cubasis!

So you say you managed to import the MIDI file out of your Google Drive app into Cubasis by tapping the “open in” button and then “copy to Cubasis”? Inside Cubasis you should see the confirmation message below the MEDIA button in the top left corner. Now:

  • tap on MEDIA
  • then on MIDI
  • in the menu also make sure you tap on the TRIANGLE to expand your “My MIDI files” list.

You should then see your MIDI files in there which you now can double tap to import.

Hop that helps!


No workaround works for me.
It seems that with latest versions IOS version 10.2 and Cubasis 2.0, import/export into iOS sharing (iCloud/GDrive) *only works for .zip files. Transfer of *.zip files can be initiated as expected from within GDrive as well as from within Cubasis. **The two file formats .mid and .cbp do not work with iOS sharing (iCloud/GDrive).
That is a major inconvenience when exchanging *.cbp-files: for projects exclusively containing MIDI tracks Cubasis forces me to add a dummy AUDIO track and record a dummy AUDIO object (e.g. silence) so that Cubasis offers zipping it at all. ==> that screws up all “Snapshot” timestamp semantics in my file organizations at later reference.
It is no workaround for Users, who don’t want to exchange content between two Cubasis installations on different devices, but who need to exchange music with other software that only provides *.mid for exchange.

What I tried:

In GDrive select a *.zip file, then “send copy”/“open in Cubasis”, then from within Cubasis select the imported “project” via “Media bay” – works as expected.

In Cubasis open “Media bay”, select “Projects”, then “import”, then “iCloud”, then “Standorte/Locations”, then “Google Drive”, there browse to and select a compatible *.zip file. – works as expected.

In GDrive select a *.cbp file, then “send copy”/ —, ==> BUG: Cubasis not offered – usecase FAILs.

In GDrive select a *.mid file, then “send copy”/ —, ==> BUG: Cubasis not offered – usecase FAILs.

In Cubasis open “Media bay”, select “Projects”, then “Share”, then “zip”, ==> BUG: Cubasis saved a *.zip into “iTunes File Sharing” storage, which is inaccessible/of no use for people who don’t want to install unsecure error-prone iTunes-Services on their Windows PCs, and even more inaccessible for other mobile (“smart”) devices. – usecase FAILs: export location of no use

In Cubasis open “Media Bay”, select “Projects”, then “Share”, then “open with Google Drive” ==> BUG: when there is no audio track with an audio object in the project, a *.cbp instead of a *.zip is exported to GDrive, which feels a bit chaotic from User point of view, still would be fine, but is a BLOCKER, because of (t3) failing.

My recommendations:
(1) please register file extensions “.mid" and ".cbp” just as you registered “*.zip” for Cubasis “send/share " on iOS.
(2) let the user explicitly decide whether to import/export a .cbp or a .zip for projects that exclusively contain Midi tracks and in case of projects that contain Audio content don’t offer export as ".cbp" but only as ".zip”.

I am so sorry for the critique, because the track editors and musical UI are truly fabulous. I waited long but don’t see this being addressed. The file import/export makes working with Cubasis a huge PITA. Fruity Loops Studio Mobile 3 and ChordBot handle file exchange soooo much more conveniently than Cubasis, even though the MediaBay itself as a storage abstraction is a really good concept and works marvelously up towards the Cubasis Track and Object editors. It just seems that MediaBay integration down towards the iOS storage layers is not validated and with import of “.cbp" and ".mid” no longer working from iCloud/GDrive it seems not even regression-tested. Please make that part of your DAW(ork)station as functional as the rest of the app. MIDI-interoperability with specialized music tools is the main USP of Cubasis over GarageBand on iOS. Looking forward to your bugfixes. Great Tool!

Best Regards!