midi file transfer

A person I know wants me to help him on a project…I’m not sure why, I have barely gotten into Cubase but it will be good for me and I hope it gets me kick started on my own material, eventually.

He has written out a midi drumtrack in Reason and we want to get that file into my computer and program, Cubase Artist 6.5.5.

How would we go about doing this? There must be a simple way of going about this, isn’t there? :question:

Export the midi file from reason onto your desktop. Type 0/1 depending on how many midi tracks

Run Cubase > create new project> go file > import midi > select the midi file on your desktop

…and you will be good to go

there are about 10 other ways to do it but start with the above :nerd:

Thank you for the quick response, one more question if I may and I hope it’s okay to ask it on this forum; would you happen to know how to get that midi track OUT of Reason? This gentleman doesn’t seem to know how to do this. He plays in a band but when they get down to some serious work they actually have a producer. He is going to contact him (the producer) but in the meantime I thought I would try to find out more on my end of things.

Thank you again!

hope this helps


I’ll check it out; thanks so much again!

oki doki !

your welcome