Midi files are just getting messed up in LE

I’m working with Cubase 10 LE, but after hours of work on midi files. the end result just plain sucks.
This is what I am doing

Load a Midi file, which plays awesome on my PSR 975,
I turn the volume down for the Vocal, and save it as a midi file again.
Once I load it back in my PSR 975, the sounds are different and complete drum tracks are just gone and replaced with other items.

I can’t seem to figure out why that is.
Why can’t it keep the original music instruments that it was created with ?

Am I missing something?

If I try Cake walk, then I don’t seem to have that problem, but I paid for cubase, so i expect it to work the same.
this is preventing me from upgrading to the pro version atm.

Thank you

I have Cubase Pro 10, so this is just a guess.

Preferences/MIDI/MIDI File/Import Options
The default setting is Halion Sonic SE multi-timbral.

Is Cubase putting instrument changes into the MIDI?
Does Cubase 10 LE have a List Editor so you can delete them?

Also -
Preferences/MIDI/MIDI File/Export Options

Untick Export Locator Range.


Export Locator Range is already unchecked.

I changed the “The default setting is Halion Sonic SE multi-timbral.” to instrument tracks and see what the result is for that.

I am not sure what you mean with this
“Is Cubase putting instrument changes into the MIDI?
Does Cubase 10 LE have a List Editor so you can delete them?”\

changed the “The default setting is Halion Sonic SE multi-timbral.” to instrument tracks and it’s even worse.
Seems like once I import a midi, the sounds are all different as well, but exported they are all different again too.

so idk what else to do

Cubase 10 Pro has a List Editor. I’ve searched the forum - I don’t think Cubase LE has this editor.

Here’s an example. There is extra MIDI information before the notes. These select the General Midi instrument, etc.

Is there a free MIDI editor you could download - or does Cakewalk have a List Editor?
You could use it to look at the MIDI file before and after you edit it in Cubase. Has Cubase changed the instrument, volume, etc.

The Cubase 10 LE has several options for exporting MIDI.



Perhaps someone on the forum who has Cubase 10 LE can help.

Thank you,
I did look but don’t think I found anything.
I attached a midi file.

  1. Original
  2. Saved in Cubase
  3. saved in Cakewalk.

The whole drum part is just gone, and some other instruments too.

Maybe you can take a look please?
Midifile.zip (76.4 KB)

The three midi files have different sizes but appear to be identical upon importing to Cubase 10. No tracks missing.

The problem is probably which instruments are assigned in HSSE- you should probably open HSSE, and look through the list to make sure each slot has instrument that actually goes with the respective tracks.

Sorry, I am new to Cubase, so learning the items.

idk if this helps… in Cubase when i load the midi, and play it on the pc, the drum is faint, (if it’s a drum)
and in Cakewalk it’s a clear drum, and same for all the other instruments.

But the biggest difference is when i play the midi on my PSR975.

Halion Sonic SE

Yeah found it in the help :slight_smile:

Need to figure out why it’s totally messed up when i play it on the PSR 975

Probably, you should visit

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When you load the MIDI file into Cubase and play it, is it using HALion Sonic SE to play the sounds?
Are you rerouting the tracks to your PSR via MIDI?

I’m not sure about LE, but in Cubase Pro, by default imported MIDI files will attach to a bunch of independent Sonic SE instances. So, if you want to send the output of the tracks to another plugin (or even to a single instance of SE, but in rack mode multi-timberal mode), or to some MIDI port for an offboard workstation, you’d need to reassign the tracks to do so.

Not sure about LE (worth a try), but in Pro, You can change the MIDI output of several tracks at once by first holding ctrl and selecting all the tracks you wish to change (so they highlight), then hover the mouse over the output entry in the track inspector, then to select an output for all of highlighted tracks.

Also be advised that Sonic SE isn’t configured as a General MIDI plugin by default. So, it’s not necessarily going to call up the right sounds if/when it gets MIDI program change events.

Also, with Sonic SE, if you’ll be working with General MIDI files, you’ll want to hand pick the drum kit you wish to use, and put it on Channel 10. Note, you get several General MIDI mapped drum kits to ‘choose from’. Subsequently, if you are working with a General MIDI II file that uses a drum kit on channel 11, again, you should manually place the kit of our choice on channel 11 as well.

Note, if you would like to force a different patch to a given program change (over-ride the basic GM soundset), you can do so by lowering the ‘rank’ (star rating) of the sound in question in the media browser, then assigning any other sound you like the same program number, and giving it a ‘higher rank/star rating’.

If for some reason the MIDI file you wish to play tries to call up a drum kit using a Program Change on channel 10, you can either remove, filter, or mute the program change event (using your key-editor) so it won’t keep changing the program/kit you have loaded in SE. If you intend to make a true General MIDI compliant File, you should NOT have a program change event on channel 10. GM1 protocol assumes the kit is just there on channel 10 and ready to go. GM2 has other methods for ‘changing kits’ (GM2 files will usually work in GM1 players…as a GM1 player just ‘ignores’ things it doesn’t understand, and uses its standard kit).

There is more to discuss in regards to how General MIDI files drive FX units, and how that correlates to HALion SE in particular. SE will accept CC events for reverb and chorus in so far as adjusting the ‘send’ levels, but you’ll need to set the reverb and chorus (types, and fine settings) you want it to use by hand in the SE UI itself.

As for options on importing/exporting MIDI files…there are quite a few of them. More on that later if you ask. For now I must get off the computer and go take care of some things.

at the PSR Tutorial form, they told me to uncheck the sysex under the filter. which i will check later.
That should fix the problem according to them

ok, that did not fix it, so i am still stuck that Cubase is messing up the file once I save it, or load it.
I tried every setting and nothing seems to work.

I am not using a midi interface, i just load the midi, and disable 1 track.
And yes, it’s the Halios sounds.

Could this be an limitation with the Elements Edition.
I don’t mind getting the Pro, but then i need to be sure that it’s not messing up my midi files.

All I want in Cubase is load the midi file
Turn the volume off for 1 channel, and save it.
and KEEP the same instruments that it was using. And that doesn’t seem to be working properly.

Thank you

It’s not a limitation of Elements. You will have a better chance of solving this if you post at the forums I listed above, because those people are using the psr keyboards.

It has nothing todo with the keyboard.
if I just load in in Cubuse, i don’t hear drums.
if I save it, and load it right away, then every instrument is changed and when i play it in cubase it’s terrible… it’s all GM,

In that case, I don’t understand- you said

It is mesed up in when i play it on the keyboard yes,
but forget about the keyboard.

it’s also messed up once I load it. (different instruments)
it’s also messed up once I load it, save it and load it again. (more different instruments).

So it’s not loading right, I am guessing. While other programs do work.