midi files are out of sync with the metronome

Hi every body,

First of all: I’m a newbee in Cubase.

I’m using Elements 9.5.

I have import a midi file (2 guitars, 1 bass and 1 drum), and when the pists are played using “Microsoft GS Wavetable synth”, it seems that they are out of synch with the clic of the metronome. Containers are physically at the right place.
When I use a VST (ezdrummer) for the drum, it becommes the only pist witch is in synch with the clic.

Does anybody have an idee of this trouble?


Don ´t use Microsoft wavetable synth, for the reason you just found out.

Thanks for your answer svennilenni, but as I told, I am a total beginer, so I can’t undestand your answer:

  • Microsoft wavetable synth is a default setting whenn I import midi file, and all pists together without cubase clic work fine! If I should not use it, why is that by default? How can I change it?
  • If I don’t use it, what should I use instead?


MS wavetable synth is a windows device. It will not even be included in a Cubase mixdown.
Use VST instruments instead like EZD you mentioned. There are free ones and several that come with Cubase. look into Halion Sonic SE. for a start.

Oooohh undersrood!
Windows wavetable is not a part of cubase, so the sound treatment creates latency !
All work fine with Halion!
Thanks a lot!