MIDI files import location in the sequencer ?


I’d like to know how to import a MIDI file to a MIDI channel I selected. Ex: I click on the MIDI channel 2, then import a MIDI file and it appears in a new created MIDI channel with Halion selected as an instrument. I have to move the file to the MIDI channel 2.

Can you help ?


I think you just need to uncheck “Import to instrument track” in preferences midi options.

either that or scan it with media bay and drag and drop it to the track you want

In the preferences there are a bunch of MIDI File Import options. Depending on the format and layout of the MIDI file, different import behaviors happen. Most people think that MIDI file just have some note and CC info in them. There is far, far more than that and Cubase has to deal with all that info. So, a stand alone single MIDI track usually won’t support the imported file. However, there is a dissolve function and a “single part” option that may help.

Ain’t it the truth.

Its in the Midi prefs…you have not changed the preference to avoid Halion SE being the default Midi Import option.