Midi files import

When importing midi files into a project, the length of the tracks do not match the original length of the midi file. In the picture you can see that I have 2 audio files at the beginning ( length of track is ok) and all the other files are some cut. I am able to stretch the midi track length ( as I’ve done with the Rhodes… all the other midis appear just like you see.
2nd issue I encountered is the message that the midi file also contains lyrics and if I want to add them… I don’t understand why the files are seen as lyrics … the question is repeated per individual file… I’d suggest a box to do this for all files
3rd issue the import function does not work for midi files… I have to drag them into the project

… we have fixed this problem with the next update. If you like you can give us your MIDI File and I’ll check if the import works the upcoming version.

… can you give me the file, please? Sometimes the MIDI file has a comment with “created with XYZ”. And VL will present it to you as lyrics. We are working on it to give you a preview of the MIDI file text.

… fixed with the next update.


sure , this one should be enough for the purpose.
Rhodes.mid (9.6 KB)
FYI this file is exported from a cubase pro project.

The other thing I forgot to mention is that VSTlive when importing midi files is not exploding them ,as Cubase does… so I’l have to go through Cubase first in order to get my midi tracks separately.
I haven’t figure out yet how to have VST live play GM files on the spot… Would I have to create 18 layers with Halion Sonic?

… thank you for your file. The Import of the length to the project tempo is working in the next update. And we’ll improve the dialog box regarding the lyrics.

… we’ll fix that.


… I forget one thing. The MIDI File import is “correct” in VL 1.1.20. Only the length of the clip is wrong. Just use the size-handle and change the length to bar 85.1.1