MIDI Filter Not filtering in C10.5?

In Preferences, I use MIDI Filter to filter things like SysEx, Program Changes, and Aftertouch, though it seems Cubase 10.5 is not filtering these when using the new retrospective record. However, I believe they are filtered during regular record. When I’m performing (non-recroding) MIDI CCs (expression, modulation, etc) inside the Key Editor and press Retrospective Record, I am seeing SysEx and Aftertouch being inserted.

Can anyone conform this?

I have Aftertouch filtered out in Preferences. Just tried using Retrospective Record making sure to generate a bunch of Aftertouch on the controller. No Aftertouch data was recorded.

Hey Raino, thanks for testing this for me.

Hmm…I’ve erased and reset my preferences a couple times now, and I don’t have this issue with Cubase 10.0.x. Perhaps it’s a Mac-only/Mojave issue?

Well this is weird. I just had this occur with Aftertouch. I had inserted a Retrospect Record, decided I didn’t like it and deleted the Notes and then hand entering them. After that I noticed the MIDI Part showed there was some controller data. Sure enough there was Aftertouch which I assume came from the Retrospective Record.

Looking at what might be different from this and the previous test - the only thing I can think of is that MAYBE in the test I initiated inserting the Recording from the Project Window and this time I inserted from the Key Editor. But I’m not really sure about that

Interesting. I know for sure using retrospective record while in the Key Editor is not filtering MIDI CCs for me.

See the attached file: I just played in some gibberish on my keyboard without using MIDI CC faders, retrospective recorded it, and not only do I have Aftertouch, but I have all these other MIDI CCs I do not have assigned to anything (CC14, CC112, CC113, CC114, CC115, CC116, CC117).

Thanks, Raino, for updating this thread.

Ok, I think the CC14, CC112…etc was my Komplete keyboard inserting these. So that is my fault. However, I’m still having Aftertouch retro-recorded in even though I have Preferences set to filter it.