Midi Free Warp?

Maybe I’m not searching correctly, or maybe this doesn’t exist, but I want to “free warp” midi to the grid. How can I do this?

I recorded a scratch midi piano part in linear timebase to get the rough timing of a film cue. I didn’t know what tempo I wanted for the cue, so I just did a few freestyle improvised takes without click until the shape began to emerge. Now I have a rough take that kinda goes with the picture, but not exactly. So I picked a tempo that’s close to my performance and reset the grid, but of course, my rough performance floats all over the new grid. So I want to set some warp markers and stretch my midi part to the grid. Is this possible?

No that’s only something you do with Audio. Warping is needed for Audio because if you were to just cut & move bits of Audio it would leave empty gaps. Warping lets you stretch the Audio to avoid creating gaps. With MIDI this isn’t necessary because it isn’t a continuous sound. Rather it is a sequence of commands telling Notes (or something else) when to start & stop. You can move & resize MIDI Events (with or without Snap). If you are just looking to snap everything to the Grid you’ll want to use Quantize.

Figured it out. Here’s what you do:

  1. Create a tempo track (if you don’t already have one)
  2. Using time warp “warp grid” mode, warp the grid so that the barlines align with your midi. The tempo track will have a bunch of nodes and tempo fluctuations after this step.
  3. Put your midi track in musical time base.
  4. Delete the tempo track nodes.

As you complete the last step, you will watch the midi stretch and warp with the grid as it evens out. Voila! Free warped midi!