MIDI "ghost" part names not italicized

When I make shared copies of MIDI parts (previously called “ghost” parts) they look identical on the track display. In older versions of Cubase these part names were shown in italics so you could tell which was which.

Is this a bug in CB 6 or have they changed the way shared and real copies display?

Page 375 says there is a “=” sign in the top right corner of a “shared” part.

Wow, OK, so it IS different. I prefer the much more obvious italics but at least there is something.

Thanks for the info!

As a long time Cubase User (Atari to Cubase6)…

I would like to have the old style (before cubase6) display of “Ghost Parts” (italic font) back instead of the “=” sign.

The “=” Sign always visually blocks the part name when the zoom level of the arranger window is small!
And it’s often hard to see if it’s a “Ghost Part” or not.

Dear Steinberg instead of changing something good (italic font) to something bad (“=”) you should have considered this change as an option in the Preferences.

Please bring back the Italic font for “Ghost Parts”!

And if you really want to change something for good here comes a feature request for Ghost Parts:
If I change the color of a ghost part why does only the color of the selected part change and not all coresponding ghost parts??? A ghost part is an identical copy of it’s own so there is no need for different colors!!!
I would love the feature when I change the color of a ghost part then all coresponding ghost parts get the same color.


I’d also like a feature which selects all the ghost parts by selecting just one. It can be very difficult when using many different ghosted events to see which belongs to which, especially as copied parts tend to keep the same name. Perhaps I can do this with the logical editor - hmm, I’ll look into it. Might also off quick colour change then too.

Strange, change the habit of a lifetime, no more italics eh, strange decision!



I agree, italics was a better system, better for my workflow. easier to spot and more intuitive


+1 for italics

Aloha and +1.

But to be fair (as a real MIDIot using a MIDI guitar) I have found that
it did not take long to get used to the latest method of ‘indication’.

However I also agree with what FelixD posted:

you should have considered this change as an option in the Preferences.


Dear Steinberg,

could we please get back the old behaviour!
the “=” sign allways blocks the part name readability when the project zoom level is zoomed out.

Thank you & cheers, Felix