MIDI Glue Tool BUG

I have been plagued by this since I updated to N6 from N4. Repro:

  1. Create MIDI track
  2. Create 2 MIDI parts
  3. Draw in a note at C-2 in 2nd Part
  4. Glue parts together

The MIDI note will now have changed octave to C-1. As all of my Keyswitches start at C-2, this bug has caused me a lot of wasted time.


Confirmed on C7.

Confirmed here in N606 too. If there was a C-2 in both parts, the one in the second part becomes C-1 after they are glued together.

These sort of things really do shatter confidence in the product - what else might now be wrong in this new version?

I remember this from using Nuendo 5.5. Could never work out what caused it. Good spot.


Still broken in N6.07