Midi Grid Editor Question

I just upgraded my computer from a Dual 2.5 G5 to a 2.93 quadcore Xeon and Cubase 4 to 6, I feel somewhat in an alien land…
I know I have a bunch of question about cubase but let me start with just one.
Is the midi editor grid that becomes more fine with lines as you increase the quantization resolution gone?
No more lines are added, it seems to stay at 1/4 no matter what I change it to.

In Place or Key editor? All projects or just one? Same in new blank project?

Does this help?


That background grid video explained it all! Thanks!
It really is work to get up to date sometimes. First you gotta get it running the way you are accustomed to, then you have to get accustomed to the new ways that you can work :laughing: When I was younger it was exciting and fun now not so much…

Oh well, thanks again guys!

You’re welcome! Sounds like I’m just about 4 days ahead of you in the process … in this case, upgrading from SX3. What a challenge … satisfying when finally getting it right, but it sometimes seems like it’s forever away from the actual music!!