MIDI Guitar 2 (Jam Origin) Graphic key

(Special thanks to Stone1888 who made this possible)

Graphics showing MIDI Guitar 2 Jam Origin

With the help of Stone1888 and Robert1 (Jam Origin Forum), I was able to get Jam Origin MIDI Guitar 2 to work with Cubase 10. Because it was a daunting task to figure it out, I thought to put it up graphically might save someone hours if not days of frustration.

Steve H


Sorry, I din’t get it. What is the problem or the message?

It’s the ability to use Jam Origin’s MIDI Guitar 2 (which you can play your guitar right into Cubase if you have interface for audio) in Cubase 10. It was a daunting task to get it to work.

So, I joyously put in a solution graphically. Perhaps I should delete this and start over? I think I will.