MIDI, Halion instruments resetting

I do apologize if this has been answered before but I haven’t been able to find this topic in the threads.

I upgraded from Cubase 5.5 to 9.0.40 and am pretty comfortable with it; however, there’s something going on with 9 that I can’t figure out:

I start a new project and import any MIDI file, it lays out all the tracks as expected. I go to any track, change the instrument and adjust the volume, etc… once I stop the playback and start it over as soon as the track I changed starts playing, all custom settings are reset.

I created a new Halion 6 track and selected an instrument and maxed out the volume. Then I moved the MIDI track down to the Halion 6 track. I played the track and changed the instrument half-way through and it worked as expected. When I stopped it and started it over, as soon as instrument in question started to play, it changed the instrument to the original instrument I selected as well as changed the volume setting back.

Has anyone experienced this? Can anyone else reproduce this? It’s really driving me crazy and I would appreciate any assistance. Thanks.

Hi and welcome,

It seems, the data is stored in the MIDI tracks directly. Open the MIDI editor, and check MIDI CC7 (Volume), MIDI CC10 (Pan), MIDI CC0 & 32 (Bank Changes) and Program Changes. If there is any of these used, remove them.

Hint. The fastest way to do this is in the List Editor, where you can filter out a data, you are not interested in.

Thank you very much for the response. Do you by chance know if there’s a setting in which any changes made whether it be instrument, panning, etc… will take precedence over what’s in the MIDI track itself so I don’t have to do this for every MIDI track? I never had this issue before from v5.5 on down and it doesn’t seem intuitive.

Slight update: So when I change the instrument and want to change it again or adjust the volume or anything I have to go back to the list editor and delete all the controller and event information. Surely this can’t be the expected behavior, right?

Generally from my experience, if I change instrumentation on an instrument track, it will ask me if I want to delete the info of the previous instrument. If I click “yes”, it will install the new instrument and rid the track of all previous info concerning the other instrument.

I have never seen such a prompt. I wonder if this is only my experience because the obvious expected behavior should be if you change an instrument, volume, panning, etc… it stays until it’s changed again. I am not seeing that. Each time I start the track from the beginning it resets everything unless I manually go in and delete all the channel specific information. And then I have the same issue once I choose another instrument, volume, etc…


Did you check the MIDI data in the tracks?

If there is any Program Change, MIDI CC7 (Volume) or MIDI CC 10 (Pan) these dates overwrite the settings in HSSE. It’s completely logical. The data in HSSE are set at the very beginning ( then, later in time (for example, new data are coming. Of course the new data overwrites the old data.

Hadn’t had any problem importing midi tracks from a previous version but have with audio. C9.5 didn’t honor all of its features of said audio track.
It kept the features of the previous version. I had to export the audio back to Cubase for it to rewrite the newer protocol.
I learned early on though that midi tracks store previous info and will frustrate you unless you delete or change that info.