Hey all,

So I have been beating my head on the wall on this for about a day now, I cannot get any sound out of the general MIDI channel settings. I am using Cubase 5.3 (latest version) with a MOTU 828MK3 and an older (I know) KORG 01/WfD keyboard, running windows 7 64 bit as well…

If I use the VST channel it outputs fine, if I use VST Halion it also works fine, if I use ‘insert midi channel’ it will record the MIDI impulses, and it will show them, but no sound will come out at all in either play or record mode, and yes I did not forget to chick monitor! (also local control means nothing, on or off it does not work!)

I have made sure that all the filters are off, I am using the correct system timing options, even played with the output settings. (BTW it will make noise with the crappy windows one…)

When I go into the device manager, it will only show the generic ‘windows midi’ controller listed, with inputs and outputs listed as the 828mk3.

I cannot find a way to get through this, any help would be appreciated!

tl;dr NO MIDI audio, all things ‘look good’ but MIDI will record in VST instrument


You need something to produce the sound. MIDI is not sound. Route your MIDI track to something that produces sound out of MIDI data and you’ll be fine.

Agreed, i have been trying to route the sound through the KORG 01/Wfd, connected to the 828mk3 (midi in and out), but even when i select this input there is nothing, I think that may be it, but how can I get the KORG to be recognized through the 828, or do I have to patch it through windows (which I have tried but have no drivers…)

Or am I fighting a losing battle here, or am I completely off base with what I am trying to do?


No. You’re not fighting a losing battle. It’s just about how to set up everything. And this depends on what are you trying to achieve.

Now, are you trying to get sound of your Korg into Cubase? If so, you should:

  1. Connect your Korg’s audio outputs to your 828’s audio inputs
  2. Define your Korg as an “External instrument” in “Devices | VST Connections”

okay, that is what I thought, thanks for all the help!

So it’s working now? Great!