MIDI import problem

HI, Everyone
I’m Trying to import midi track of my flute part where I have many triplet notes. when I open midi in Dorico, it shows me totally incorrect notes, triplets are converted in quintuplets and there’s nothing I can do with this unfortunately.
Can you help me with the advice how can I handle this problem?
Thank you very much for your help :heart:

Welcome to the forum, Mikheil. Have you adjusted the quantization options in the MIDI Import Options dialog to tell Dorico what kind of triplets you are expecting it to find? Have you quantized the MIDI data prior to exporting it from whatever application you created it in?

Thank You, My DAW is Cubase 12 and as far as I need precise notation for scoring my music I’m adjusting every note myself in midi editor, but I didn’t adjust tuplet options in Dorico. So I will try to do so if it helps :slight_smile:

solo flute dorico.pdf (114.5 KB)
solo flute cubase.pdf (86.1 KB)
These are scores in Dorico and Cubase

If you’re happy with the results you’re seeing in Cubase’s score editor, I would recommend exporting MusicXML from Cubase and using that to bring your music into Dorico, as that will preserve the displayed note and rest values without Dorico needing to perform any interpretation of MIDI data at all.