MIDI import quantisation (64th notes?)


I’m wondering what would be the best way to import regular 64th notes from MIDI files. I unfortunately can’t find a way to turn off quantisation to 32nd notes. Would anyone have any idea how to go about it?


It can’t be done in Dorico, by any means that I know of.

Is there any way the program that generated your MIDI file could generate Music XML instead?

If the header of a MIDI file is modified to halve the number of ticks per quarter note, the duration of every note and rest in that file would be doubled so that 64th notes would become 32nd notes, 32nd notes would become 16th notes, and so on. The modified MIDI file could then be imported into Dorico with the quantization unit set to a 32nd note. With all of the music selected in Dorico and with insert mode turned on, the command Write>Edit Duration>Halve Note Duration would convert the 32nd notes back to 64th notes, the 16th notes back to 32nd notes, and so on.

One way to modify the header of a MIDI file is to use the command-line utility midicsv to convert the MIDI file to a text file, a text editor to modify the first line in the text file, and the utility csvmidi to convert the text file back to a MIDI file.

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Here is an example of the method described in the previous post:


Thank you for all the replies!

@Derrek Unfortunately, that is not an option in this case. It looks like an interesting idea though…

@johnkprice Yes, this seems to be the best solution so far. The only trouble at least on my computer is that Dorico tends to freeze with larger portions of music halving the note durations (there is a lot of 64th notes). However, if manually selecting smaller chunks, the method of halving the rate of the original midi file and later halving the note durations in Dorico works (I just stretched the midi clip in a DAW and re-exported).