Midi imput issues / windows USB audio driver


so I’m having an issue I’ve never had before with Cubase.

new OS (win 10)
new cubase (C10)
old midi controller (alesis photon 25). The driver for it is the windows USB audio driver, as I can’t load the official driver… alesis stopped supporting after windows XP, but I had it working perfectly in windows 7. For some reason w10 doesn’t see the driver when I try to update manually.

The midi keyboard works fine,

except… it ‘‘overrides’’ cubase imput settings. For example, if I have ‘‘not connected’’ selected in midi imput, it will still play what I play on the keyboard. Not really a problem, but it’s weird behavior, that I’m curious about.

My biggest problem is that the mod-wheel doesn’t reset to 0… As soon as I play with it , it goes from 0 to 100, and then resets to about 90% instead of 0.

I’d like this to work, as I like this controller!